April 21st Meeting

Health and Safety
Union: Josée Sévigny, Cristal-Fae Turbide, Iossif Fuss, Franco Bruno, Eric Tellier

STAS: Mailin Aguilera, Olivier Barbeau, Alexandre Pélaez-Bouchard, Stéphane Daoust, Mathieu Jacques

Here is the list of subjects discussed during this month’s meeting:

    -Accidents and incidents of march 2022; cause analysis and follow up on corrective measures
    - Easing of CATSA’s measures in response to COVID-19
    - First aid responders and first aid kits
    - Bins for sharp objects
    - Prevention program and risk analysis
    - Chairs at NPS-T and CTX
    - Electrical wires and cart at level 3 ID
    - Spotlight above the PL podium at ID - Anti-fatigue mats at ID
    - Plexiglas at TB
    - Letter of agreement concerning the monthly and yearly number of inspections. No settlement reached; to be continued.
STAS’s health and safety specialist Mailin Aguilera has given the risk analysis trainings. Now that those participating in the risk analysis process are trained, the risk analysis process will begin shortly.
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