Meeting of May 24th

The CRP meeting was held May 24th with Marc Bourget, Josée Sévigny, Frantz Saint-Fort, Antoine Boucher-Roy and Olivier Barbeau. The subjects discussed were:

  • Rotations at ID are complicated due to many agents don’t want or can’t do certain positions.
  • The definition of bereavement leave must be reviewed under the new amendments to the labor code. This will make it possible to define the situations covered or not.
  • The attendance bonus will be back for the summer period. Details will be known shortly.
  • CATSA and SSMs on the lines should be limited to picking up bins. All other situations should be reported to the union, with mention of the day and time, along with the name of the person and the position occupied. This will allow to have concrete situations to bring up.
  • The addition of hours to part-timers during the schedule bid was discussed. The union believes that STAS should add full-time schedules. The employer will check with those concerned.
  • Reaching human resources by phone is difficult due to the lack of HR employees. Initiatives are taken to improve the delay. The complexity of questions is one of the reasons for the delay.
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