“Our Union, Our Voice, Our Strength”

For several weeks, various partial  or erroneous information have been circulating in all the different checkpoints. It is imperative that all members are informed in a clear, concise and transparent way so that these rumours may stop.

First of all, each of the delegates from Local 9554 and the Steelworkers has the well-being of their members at heart. Everyone invests a lot of time and effort in defending, informing and above all ensuring a better working environment. Several meetings have taken place over the past few months between Local 9554, the Steelworkers and STAS in order to improve working conditions, but each time the union has hit a wall.   We find the way our employer is acting unacceptable and treats the staff. We brought this situation to the negotiation table to change it. The union is determined that STAS change its attitude and respect its workers as a company worthy of the 21st century.

The union is also outraged by the high number of ongoing grievances. Their numbers continue to rise day by day and this leads to some frustration. The waiting time  for certain grievances exceed a time deemed reasonable and rest assured that Local 9554 and the Steelworkers are doing everything in their power to resolve the situation. The union also brought this issue into the negotiations so that the number of grievances drastically decreases and the members concerned receive compensation.

Recently, STAS unveiled its 5W pilot project. This new project consists, with the help of CATSA, of  evaluating an agent on the line by another agent. The union is in complete disagreement with the idea and suggests that all its members refuse the evaluation when you are approached. A refusal on your part will have no consequences for your file. Politely decline the SSM’s request without giving reasons (even if he asks). If an SSM insists, write down their  name and report them  to the union. Actions will then be taken against the defaulting SSM. We repeat it to you once again; in any case, you are not obliged to do the evaluation exercise.

You may have recently noticed a presence of SCC, SCT and SSM on the lines. The SSMs have been given the mandate to help prepare passengers at the greeting position and to help the officers at the search position by bringing the bins. SSMs affirmed that there had been a provisional agreement between STAS and the union in order to lighten the work of the agents and thus speed up the passenger screening process. In no case was the union consulted on any agreement. On the contrary, the union is opposedto this practice and is asking  screening officers to denounce the SCCs, SCTs and SSMs that resort to this practice. Under no circumstances may an SCC, SCT or SSM perform the duties of a certified screener.

Finally, the union is actively working to put an end to the problem of errors in its members’ pay. Since their arrival, STAS has not stopped accumulating failures with its accounting department. Every year, history repeats itself with multiple errors on RL1s and T4s, not to mention the stress this can cause for members who have to juggle the idea of making mistakes themselves on their annual taxes. We cannot conceive that a multinational like STAS has one of the worst accounting departments and that its members have to fight constantly to get their fair due. How can a worthy company mock the livelihood of its workers without consequence? The union again finds this situation unacceptable and is putting pressure on STAS to resolve the situation without delay.

It is important to unite behind yourunion at this important moment, support it. Help us make our working environment better and improve our working conditions. We will always be there to defend your rights, inform you adequately with the right information and above all to work to make our work better. Our union, our voice, our strength!

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