Meeting of May 24th

The CRP meeting was held May 24th with Marc Bourget, Josée Sévigny, Frantz Saint-Fort, Antoine Boucher-Roy and Olivier Barbeau. The subjects discussed were:

  • Rotations at ID are complicated due to many agents don’t want or can’t do certain positions.
  • The definition of bereavement leave must be reviewed under the new amendments to the labor code. This will make it possible to define the situations covered or not.
  • The attendance bonus will be back for the summer period. Details will be known shortly.
  • CATSA and SSMs on the lines should be limited to picking up bins. All other situations should be reported to the union, with mention of the day and time, along with the name of the person and the position occupied. This will allow to have concrete situations to bring up.
  • The addition of hours to part-timers during the schedule bid was discussed. The union believes that STAS should add full-time schedules. The employer will check with those concerned.
  • Reaching human resources by phone is difficult due to the lack of HR employees. Initiatives are taken to improve the delay. The complexity of questions is one of the reasons for the delay.
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May 26th Assembly

A general assembly was held May 26th regarding the modification of the local section’s rules as well as for the gifts from the social club. Of the 75Image members who expressed their opinions, 46 voted in favour of the modification of the rules. As for the gifts from the social club, 46 members voted to adopt the idea of gift cards for everyone instead of the usual draw.

Peter Serfas was present to explain the rules in the name of the executive committee. Marcel Fadel was the guard for the assembly and Jonathan Hachey temporarily replaced Luc Lafontaine as archival secretary for the day. Sophie Asselin, Carmelina Casadei and Michelle Desy were the designated scrutineers for this assembly.


Churros and Buffet

May 19th, the social club had the pleasure ofImage offering churros to the members. May 21st, they offered a delicious buffet for those who couldn’t be there for the churros. Both events were great successes. A big thank you to Michel Jean, Stephanie Vlahakis and Aziza El Haddad!

April 21st Meeting

Health and Safety
Union: Josée Sévigny, Cristal-Fae Turbide, Iossif Fuss, Franco Bruno, Eric Tellier

STAS: Mailin Aguilera, Olivier Barbeau, Alexandre Pélaez-Bouchard, Stéphane Daoust, Mathieu Jacques

Here is the list of subjects discussed during this month’s meeting:

    -Accidents and incidents of march 2022; cause analysis and follow up on corrective measures
    - Easing of CATSA’s measures in response to COVID-19
    - First aid responders and first aid kits
    - Bins for sharp objects
    - Prevention program and risk analysis
    - Chairs at NPS-T and CTX
    - Electrical wires and cart at level 3 ID
    - Spotlight above the PL podium at ID - Anti-fatigue mats at ID
    - Plexiglas at TB
    - Letter of agreement concerning the monthly and yearly number of inspections. No settlement reached; to be continued.
STAS’s health and safety specialist Mailin Aguilera has given the risk analysis trainings. Now that those participating in the risk analysis process are trained, the risk analysis process will begin shortly.

Scheduling Committee

The various schedule committees (checkpoint, NPST, NPSV, HBS and SP) had their first meetings with STAS to discuss what worked and what didn’t for the winter period. The committee members gave their suggestions for the summer schedule. More meetings will be held at the end of April and beginning of May, to further discuss the summer schedules, which will begin June 3rd. The schedule bid will begin May 16th.

First Meeting

Bargaining Committee
There was a first meeting between the negotiation committee and Stas on April 21st 2022 at the Federal Service of Mediation and Conciliation. To begin, both parties agreed on the basic for the negotiations. A first calendar of meetings was established for the following months. Here are the dates for the next negotiation meetings: May 17-18 2022, June 14-15-16 2022, July 6-7-8 2022 and August 2-3-4 2022. We will keep you informed on future developments as soon as possible.